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Community BattleCast Primetime - Episode #19

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The Community BattleCast PrimeTime team have returned with a brand new episode. Episode 19 features the usual round up of news, mods, fan art and the good old BattleCast 3 is back. Watch the latest episode below.



Click here to subscribe to Community BattleCast PrimeTime's channel to stay informed of new episodes. Past episodes can also be found

. You can also check out the recently launched Community BattleCast PrimeTime site.

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i have to say, the new command and conquer looks really great. But I just don't know how this new business model gona work.... micro transation for new skin, new sound just don't sound right, I think is a huge gamble on EA part... I think what they want to archive is that let the popularity slowly pack up speed as people can play for it for free, then try to sell players stuff like single player compaign, new genenral, maps and so on. But this is gonna take a long time to archive, this is why is risky, very unlike the usual EA norm...

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