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UltraAOW 25K Quickend: May 17th - 20th

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UltraAOW 25K Quickend

In the 25K Quikend or Weekend if you will, we will set the server starting credits to $25.000 which will garantuee most maps will be quick, or maybe not?

All other settings are standard.



The Weekend of Friday the 17th of May till Monday morning the 20th of May.


TT 4.0 Update is Required

The Tiberian Technologies Update 4.0 for Renegade is required to play on the server.

You can download it on their official website if you do not already have it.

It adds lots of extra's, anti-cheat and a ingame automatic map-downloader, awesome stuff!


Active Server Plugins

Of course the server will run our own mpf_newmaps.dll plugin which adds additional functionality to the server such as Veterancy and Special Crates & Power-ups.

Other plugins running on the server are for example the Team Donate and Infinite Ammo.

For a full list of modifications and adjustments please visit our Website. (changelog)



MPF_Walls_Flying MPF_Islands MPF_Mesa Country_Meadow

Fjords Underpass Quick_Draw Forgotten_Town

Esco_Island Bridge_Control Hon_Dom Mediterranean

Air Winter_Field [Tib_Field] Temple

Snow AlpineDay Siege SeasideSunset

Crevasse Niagra Oasis_Fly AlpineNight

Installation Blaat Tropics Whoreglass

RiverValley Node_War Conquest_Island Bio

River_Canyon DesertTunnels Country_Side Snipers

Carriers Mars Worthy_Classic Dockside

GlacierTS The_Moon LittleHillRumble2 TCW_Demo

Silent_Dawn Urban_Rush Deth_River Mosque

High_Altitude TiberiumRedux Pacific Dawn_Raid

Cairo Clan420z DomesV2 Killer_Cove

Last_Stand Plunder_Valley Woodland TheCanyon

HauntedLol Lava Ocean_View BasinTS

Night0X Tropical2 Battleground Aftermath

Carnage Wasteland ArcticXP Permafrost

Sidewinder Arid Tib_Pit_3 Big_Walls

BunkersTS Snow_Warfare Gigantomachy High_Noon_21

Tobruk BattleCreek Fortress2k4 Death_Village


Game Prize

This month's Game Prize is Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition on Steam.

The person ranked first on our server at the end of May will receive this into their Steam Account as a gift.



Mappack is Available

You could download our Mappack before joining the server. This ensures you have all the maps already.

Then you will not experience any ingame download dialogs which may take long if you have a slow(er) connection.

All you do is click Next, Next, wait for it to install the maps and then you're done and ready to join.



Thanks people for reading this and maybe joining up this upcoming Friday the 17th of May.

Please feel free to spread this news around a bit to attract more people and let's see if we can have some fun the Weekend it lasts.


Teaser Video by Bazil, Kenz3001 and Mauler


//Greetz the MPF UltraAOW Team

Edited by MPFzunnie

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