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Tiberian Dawn - Changing Unit Names

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Hey guys,


How do I change the name of the units in Tiberian Dawn? (for example the display names when you hover over the icons/units in-game...?

I have located a string table 'conquer.eng' in the CCLocal.Mix file but not sure if I'm on the right track. I was thinking of simply searching for the existing unit name, and then replacing it with a new name.


The trouble is I cannot seem to find a way to alter the 'conquer.eng' file without extracting it as TXT. If I do that then I cannot overwrite the existing file in the CCLocal.MIX using XCC Mixer. Am I missing something?


I'm new to the modding scene so any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh and Nyerguds... Love your work.




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Just extract the file to your game folder, and use a strings editor like this one to edit it.


Usage notes:


-To be sure you're editing the correct thing, the name IDs can be looked up in my rules dump folder, here. Practically all types that are physical objects on the map have the NameID property. Well, and the music themes too, of course.


-The conquer.ini file should work when just placed into the game folder. No need to re-insert it into a mix file.


-You can add multi-line text in the editor by using Ctrl+Enter in the editing box.


-C&C uses Carriage Return (byte 0x0D) as line breaks. This can be set in the editor under "Format" -> "CR". Normally this is detected correctly when opening conquer.eng though.


-Make sure to put the viewing font on Terminal (under "Format"), especially if you want to add special characters into it. They're different in DOS and in Windows, and C&C uses the DOS versions. I guess for the English one this doesn't really matter, though.


-The editor can technically convert strings files from/to plain text, but be careful with that; some string entries in the file have multiple lines on their own, which would obviously mess up the number of entries when converting. I guess full conversions are advanced stuff you probably won't need to bother with, though.

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