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Yuri's Revenge Cartographer's Call Competition III Results

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Just a bit late in posting this one. The results for the long running Cartographer's Call: Yuri's Revenge Mapping Competition have been posted at Project Perfect Mod recently. The final top 10 standings can be seen below. But in a way, everyone wins, because all of the winning maps are available for download.


  1. Blood and Concrete [8], by Aurora196 - 43 points
  2. Paradise Battle [2], by LordCesare - 41 points
  3. The Honeymoon [4], by Omegabolt - 39 points
  4. Blistering Heatstroke [2], by Zero18 - 38 points
  5. Ruined Oasis [4], by LordCesare - 38 points
  6. Lonely Paradise [5], by Mevitar - 34 points
  7. Sacred Lore [5], by LordCesare - 33 points
  8. City Overload [3], by Zero18 - 31 points
  9. Communists of the Caribbean [2], by LordCesare - 27 points
  10. Scars of a Far, Far Planet [2], by LordCesare - 26 points

More details about the Cartographer's Call: Yuri's Revenge Mapping Competition available at Project Perfect Mod.

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