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Tiberian Sun: Reborn Released

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It has been a long time coming, after many long months of hard work the first public release candidate of Tiberian Sun: Reborn has arrived! Tiberian Sun: Reborn Release Candidate 1 includes the following....


  • 11 maps
  • Almost all vehicles
  • 7 buildings for both factions
  • Dynamic, deep, rich and a Tiberian Sun atmospheric feeling
  • A full and improved infantry roster
  • 3 Bluehell Productions servers up and running at launch

So how do you download Tiberian Sun: Reborn? That's easy. Download the new Bluehell Productions Launcher, you can then download the game via the launcher. It is currently still in active development and as such there may be a few rough edges in the interface and functionality, but it will be updated it as time goes on. It also includes an auto-updating feature, so you will never need to manually download new copies of the game again.

Bluehell Productions Launcher Key Features

  • Self-updating
  • Download and install BHP games such as RA:APB, TS:Reborn, and RA2:AR
  • Download updates to your installed BHP games
  • Repair your installed BHP games if files get broken or go missing
  • Server browser (currently does not include live player counts)
  • Setup your settings for all games at once (does not support all settings yet)

More information about this release of Tiberian Sun: Reborn and the Bluehell Productions Launcher can be found right here.

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Recommendation :thumbsup:

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Recommendation :thumbsup:

This. It's really a great mod. It captures that dark and gloomy atmosphere of TS on the best possible way.

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I played a bit last night, fun-ish.


I think I have issues with the design - dark interiors with no clearly marked exits for instance - or the Hand of Nod having what seems to be the PT furtherest away from the entrance... while GDI barracks is a two-man tent in comparison.


But barely scratched the surface... so hard to give true perspective.


Except for Mammy - it gives me perspective everywhere I turn. ;)

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