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New to TS and FS

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Hi all i have checked my tiberian sun i got it today (22-6-2013) and firestorm not like and its all files are not harmed so its not cracked version or legal copy the original

well i saw that the game is pretty nice and i decided to mod from the first day well firstly of all i got the xcc mixers (i have some experience in red alert 2 and yr modding) then i should extract the artmd and rulesmd am i wrong or right ?

and is it simple like adding new units to yr and ra2

another question : i want to know all the resources sites of the game voxels and shps

question 3 : i need all the tools of modding for this game

i have final sun

is it on forum

sorry for bad English

and thanks



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Tiberian Sun is freeware.


Modding TS/FS is very similar to RA2/YR since RA2 was built up from TS.


Most of the modding tools used for RA2 are designed to mod TS as well.

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