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PlayCNC Partners with CnCNet

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Two weeks ago, we posted about PlayCNC, the upcoming C&C multiplayer service that aims to merge all multiplayer communities into one. Today, they have confirmed that they have partnered with the developers of CnCNet, the widely acclaimed service for Command & Conquer and Red Alert, which means that one account for PlayCNC will also work under CnCNet.



Over the past week, PlayCnC has been in communication with a well established platform and community. The creators of this project are a dedicated group of hardworking individuals, striving to provide the best possible Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert service. We are therefore very pleased to announce an official PlayCnC partnership with CnCNet, supporting Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert.


Leveraging their unparalleled work allows both parties to focus on opposite ends of the spectrum. CnCNet will ensure the most seamless online experience possible for these two C&C titles, allowing PlayCnC to work in harmony, opening up the competitive/casual ladders and social profiles

Click here for the full update.

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Gimme a break, the original one was very low-res.

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Modified image. Hopefully they'll make a large scale logo we can use before the next time we post a news update on them.

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