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UltraAOW NewMaps 4.0 - Prizes June Winner & July Announce

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June 2013 WINNER
Congratulations to comanchei for winning June's Unreal Tournament Pack by ranking on our NewMaps 4.0 server.

July 2013 PRIZE
NewMaps 4.0 Prize: This time, at the end of July, the player who ranked first on our NewMaps 4.0 Server will receive the game-collection from Sanctum on Steam.

New Prize Restrictions
If you win a prize for our server contest, you will not be able to win another prize for one month.
So if you won in June 2013, you cannot win in July 2013, but you can in August 2013.
This is to give other players who have less time to play a chance to win as well.

To be eligible for receiving your prize you must be a member of our forums and have either an Origin and/or Steam Account.
Click the image below to install these two clients from Valve and Electronic Arts.

originlogo.png || steamlogo.png

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