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Patch Kills Red Alert 2 from HD

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I'm German user. I have a little Pic(Dia) Show. The TFD Patch ,download from the Main Page...Patched ..ähm Kills Red Alert 2 from HD :o ..






Any Solution?


greetings Marty2CNC



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Sorry, my patch only supports the English version of The First Decade.

EA made a significantly different German version, my patch will not work with it.

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No Solution.... :thumbsdown: .... ?. I have a idea. Don't use a delete command or make it optional . Ask the user at the end of the Patch Process for delete :doh:....thanks :furious:


or other Idea make a Zip version without install. This Patch (the Stuff inside the Patch for the cnc games) works in German version :doh:.... do you really make this patch?

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