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C3N Poll: Stream 04 multiplayer game selection

C3N Stream 04 multiplayer game selection  

5 members have voted

  1. 1. Which game should be broadcasted in C3N Stream 04?

    • Tiberian Sun / Firestorm
    • Red Alert 2 / Yuri's Revenge
    • Generals / Zero Hour
    • Tiberium Wars / Kane's Wrath
    • Red Alert 3

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Since streams 02 and 03 had absolutely catastrophic broadcasts during Today's Execution, multiplayer will now be organized differently. I would hereby like to appeal to all players who have any interest in C&C multiplayer to vote in this poll. Around the 14th or 15th September, stream 04 will air and I do not want to sit waiting for people to join in a server where others just sit idly for no damn reason.


The rules are simple: choose one of the games which you believe should be broadcasted in the next C3N stream in the poll above this post. The one with the most votes wins. The poll will end three days before the stream, and if there's a tie, a quick poll with the tied games will be made. If there's three or more games with the same amount of votes, it will be chosen randomly. You can see the supported versions and additions here.


Note that Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert 1 have intentionally been left out for this particular poll (will not be so in the others) due to very little interest from the folks on CnCNet.

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Just a reminder, there are seven more days remaining to vote. ZH and RA2 are tied with two votes (...) and TS got one.

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