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Zero Hour Widescreen or looking for modified gamedata.ini

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Hello, I'm sorry if this kind of topic already created. I'm new member of this forum.


SO recently I was looking for about how to make the Generals Zero hour become widescreen when playing. My Zero hour is currently the TFD version (1.04)


So, I already searched the entire solution but i found a but proble


1. Gentool

Yeah I installed it, but i don't like the anti cheat system. SO i just uninstalled unless anybody knows how to disable this anti cheat system. Because I play this game just for the Single player mission so it's okay for me to cheat (sorry I'm noob)


2. Gamedata.ini

I already searched around internet and i had major problem.

1. I cannot download the modified gamedata.ini from gamefront.com because my country blacklisted so is there anybody who can share gamedata.ini 'widescreen modified" only?

2. I searched another solution but sadly all the gamedata.ini are all on gamefront or no longer exist to download so it's absurd for me


3. I tried using generals (1.08) Ini.big and changed into gamedata.ini (of course i copy paste first to ZH INI folder) but I cannot enter the game instead got error, so i just deleted it. Is there any line that i shoud just change it before play? (I tried to change the resolution unfortunately i think there is more to change rather than change the resolution only)



I sincerely need helps. I really want to play Zero Hour in Widescreen.

Thank you.




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I believe you need to set the Upload Mode value to Off (screenshot of the menu below). Do so with Random Balance as well for good measure.



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I believe you need to set the Upload Mode value to Off (screenshot of the menu below). Do so with Random Balance as well for good measure.



I did that last time


then when i began using Cheat engine it suddenly my screen going black screen


so i just uninstall


Fortunately i just found how to extract BIG File. I'm using program called 'Dragon Unpacker 5' which can open file like BIG type file

so i just extracted Gamedata.Ini file from Zero Hour BIG files and follow some website about changing resolution and camera and then VOILA!!! it works.

The problem Solved for now


Anyway Thanks for helping me.


Once again I apologize if my words is rude.

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then when i began using Cheat engine it suddenly my screen going black screen

Err... I thought you wanted to deactivate anti-cheat for one or more of the disadvantages named on their site (no Gameranger support, more Internet traffic), otherwise I would not assist anyone with any type of cheat mechanisms, as that is contrary to the forum rules.

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To be honest what i want is simply Playing in Widescreen, then somebody suggest using gentools which is pretty much locking my freedom using cheat because of the anticheat system taht implemented in gentools


that's why i don't want to use gentool instead I'm asking if someone has unmodified or widescreen modified gamedata.ini for ZH.


You know I just want to play this game in single player and i never interested in multiplayer.


so my objective is simple "Give me help with widescreen modifications BUT still not lock my freedom from using cheats as I'am a Single player gamers, not MP gamers"



that's why to be honest I'm avoiding any gentool suggestion which will lead me to Cheat talking.


You know I'm still knew but I'm aware not to make the cheat talk become a big problem later.

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You can try changing the screen resolution in the options.ini file found in the C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Data\ folder for Generals or C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data\ for Zero Hour. Open this file in Notepad and find the line that looks like this...

Resolution = 1920 1080

Change the values to resolution you want, for my screen its 1920 across by 1080 high. There is a chance this won't work though, as soon as your run the game it will probably revert back 800x600 or 1280x1024 etc.... This happens because neither Generals or Zero Hour officially support widescreen resolutions. GenTool sort of patches this into the game.


There are no such values to be changed in the gamedata.ini file.

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Another alternative solution is to add "-xres n -yres n" in the shortcut Target.. xres being width and yres being height..




"D:\Games\EA Games\Command and Conquer Generals\generals.exe" -xres 1680 -yres 1050


This is better than the .INI edit since every start will automatically result in widescreen unlike the .INI edit where if resolution where changed you'll have to do the .INI edit again.. Though you can set the .INI to Read-only attribute, you'll have to untick the Read-only attrib when you want to change other settings present..

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