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I need to enable all mission mods and dropship loadout mods

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I make a new thread to avoid the confusion with the new one


Hello Guys, I just finished all Mission of TS and FS but i want to replay a certain mission just for nostalgia.


But i forgot to create a backup save on some mission maps and cause me to go through all those mission again.


(EX: Hammerfest mission is one of my favourite missions but i forgot to create a backup save when the game started)


So i need a Mission unlockers which can select the mission map that i wanted. Unfortunately when i try download on gamefront which has mods that enable all mission including the FS Mission., The file doesn't exist anymore. (eventhought i already using hotspot, since my country is blacklisted)


SO do you have any other alternatives???


and also Dropship loadout enable mods if you can share




I really Like Tiberian Sun and Firestorm because of the story and variety of how to achieve success on all mission


and enabling the cut content in the mission makes me excited more.


Never get enough playing this game because of the story.

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Your topic appears to be modding related so it has been moved to the correct forum.

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and also Dropship loadout enable mods if you can share

You can find the first GDI mission modified with the Dropship feature enabled near the bottom of this list. However, for the life of me, I couldn't get the mission to actually run, as the cursor disappears in that menu for whatever reason (at least if you use ddwrapper and HyperPatch) and I couldn't find a button to launch the game after I've selected my units.

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