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Project Westwood: Volcano

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Available Project Westwood Maps:

Canyon | Hourglass & Hourglass Flying | Islands

Under | Volcano | Walls Flying


Volcano Map General Info

The map is based on C&C_Volcano from Westwood studios obviously.


Volcano Set in Winter Time

The map Volcano transformed into a Winter Time scenery with lots of snow and ice :)

Created by Blazea58, his trees with a snow/ice texture are looking great along with the Renegade Beta bushes.

The Tiberium Cave is awesome as well, looks splendid with the Crystals created by Mauler originally for Tiberium Crystal War.


Purchase Alternatives

The alternate officers are The Last Dino character armed with a Chaingun as seen in some of our other remakes.

The GDI Spawn Character has been replaced with an MPF soldier skin and the Hotwire has Maulers butt-crack sexy version :)

Be sure to check out all the additional Vehicle Skins for both teams, they are quite nice looking. The bright camo skins were done by Barley and the Croc-skins by Biowave like years ago.


Tiberium Harvesting

Tiberium harvesting is possible on this map, you can purchase a Tiberium Harvester on both teams and drive to the Tiberium to collect it for your team manually. One Tiberium deposit grants $800 for your whole team.


Supply Truck / Cargo Truck

This map sports the Supply Truck which refills any passengers entering it, health, armor and ammo will be refilled free of cost.


Light Base Defenses

The bases are equiped with standard light defenses such as the Turrets for Nod and little Guard Towers for GDI.

Each base has two of them at the Power Plant and Tiberium Refinery.


The Redeemer

The Redeemer is a powerful weapon that fires a nuclear warhead to the enemy in slowmotion.

It spawns only once every 4 minutes and does tremendous damage to any vehicle or infantry in its path, it does not damage buildings.

When the weapon spawns it plays a sound "Nuclear Weapon Available" from CNC95 and when fired plays the sound "Nuclear Warhead Approaching" also from CNC95.


Lava Areas: Danger!

The lava areas are blocker free now and you can fall into it and then your vehicle and you die :P







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