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Did Our Original Einstein

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which is shown in the opening, went back in our Original timeline? or stay in C&C Universe??


one article said he is back in original timeline and never experience it, but another Article said he was slowly began to feel the differences of the world's presence.....example in the technology.


So which one is true?

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I thinkt he point was that he went back in time, removed Hitler, and after he came back, time changed around him without anyone (including himself) noticing, since they all integrated into the new time line.

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Is a bit confusing.


So The Original Einstein also become the part of C&C Universe or C&C Universe Einstein Mind was connected to ORiginal Einstein?


I remember was read in Petroglyph Forum that Original Einstein actually back in our time, but Nothing has changed in original timeline....


so which one the truth

1. our World stay Intact and the Hitler Removed World become C&C Worlds? or

2. both of them merged into one???

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