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Rock Guitar Cover of Command & Conquer's Act on Instinct

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It's always interesting to listen to cover versions of Frank Klepacki's awesome music from the original the Command & Conquer. I'm sure when Frank gets the time to listen to them, he gets a kick of it. Here's a great-sounding heavy rock guitar cover of Frank Klepacki's "Act on Instinct" by Mihail Sobin from Russia. This cover version is called "Act of Instinct".

Let us know if you ever spot any other cover versions of Command & Conquer music that should be shared with the community.

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What fascinates me about the guy is that he also made a sort of a tutorial on how to play Hell March. Too bad it's in Russian, though.


He has also done Rise of the Harkonnen from Dune 2000:

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IMO this has gotta be one of the best AOI covers.

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