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Guest Rabbit

C&C Legos Series Finale: Season 5 - Episode 6

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Guest Rabbit

The series finale of C&C Legos is here! Thanks to everyone who has helped create, thrown in suggestions, or simply watched any of the episodes. This really means a lot to me to be able to accomplish something like this, to actually finish something I've been working on for years. In this episode, Nod decides to launch their final blow before officially starting the First Tiberium War. Watch as they attempt to kill Dr. Moebius and steal his work. Will they succeed? Only one way to find out!

I mentioned before the episode started that I'll be doing a sort of YouTube-based Question and Answers video. Feel free to ask any questions you have about the series, development, direction or even future here in the comments. As always: click here to view all the previous C&C Lego episodes and if you'd like to check out the past development of the series, click right here.

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Guest Rabbit

So I know this is shorter than expected, but I would not change anything. This episode is exactly as I wanted it to be.

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Excellent job! I really loved the effort you put into the action scenes with all the jumping around and such things. The little things such as Nod troops kicking a downed GDI soldier out of the way or Seth interupting the usual "oh crap" moment and sliding across the table while shooting made it even more enjoyable and funny! Also, I remember the initial finale idea being Nod bombing that building we all saw in the C&C 1 intro video, but this worked great aswell with the well known professor being directly involved with his research. To borrow a quote from Tiberium Dawn's Score -> "Great Shot!" with this episode!


Also, the part about me in the credits really made me laugh! ^_^ I appreciate you putting me in there like that right at the end of the series, it makes me feel as if my suggestions, comments and various presented LEGO pictures during the development of the series really had some kind of impact on making it a better experience for everyone involved, both you and the viewers, whether simply by providing you with additional inspiration or something else.


It's strange that I first started lurking around CNCNZ just around the time you released the first and second episodes of Season 1. Your C&C LEGO series encouraged me to keep an eye on everything that was going on around this community, hell I even remember the old Designer Diary entrys and all of the early ideas that were being thrown around. So, to keep it short, thank you for attracting me to CNCNZ.com in the first place. :P




Now that the series has come to an end, I've got an idea on what you could do to spice up the upcoming Q&A video (or even make a separate video for it) - provided that you have the spare time and motivation ofcourse. Right, I was thinking about the series as a whole and how much priceless comedy it has scattered around in bits and pieces. It would be great if you were to, say, cut out the funniest moments from all of the episodes and compile them in a C&C LEGO Comedy Special of some sort (a winter holiday present for the fans, perhaps?). A video with the best jokes and most funny parts from the whole series. I'd love to have an easy way to just sit back and laugh at the series' all-time funniest moments. Give it some thought. We could even help you out by making a separate thread in an effort to search for the top C&C LEGO moments if needed. Then it's just a matter of finalizing the list, cutting out the footage and stitching it back together. :)

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A Halloween release just to end this C&C Legos? Awesome.


This is a great job to end the series. However, the video title is mentioned as a season finale instead of a series finale. :unsure:


As to another subject:

1) Here's a question for the Q&A video, how many types of voices did you imitate? :P

2) I think you should deserve a Guinness World Record for doing the most amount of Lego episodes in one type of a series, which happens to be 34 of them.

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Questions from the CBCPT team:


How many legos do you own?
How many have you had to paint or customize for the show?
When did you first start with stop motion animation?
Have you ever accidentally messed up an episode and had to redo the entire thing?
Would you make a blooper reel of your recordings?
How long does an episode take you to make?
Which out of all episodes was your favorite?
Any more details from new projects you're working on?
Would you ever return to C&C Legos again?

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