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:ra: Okay, if i change somethings in Aimd.ini, which difficulty should i choose to have it right ? easy, normal or brutal ?


Other Question

about this code :

if i change it to 1, that mean it will spawm 1 units every 1 min ?

if i change AutocreateTime=23 that mean it will spawm 23 units every 1 min. right ?


And how to reduce time between attack waves ?

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This is just from memory right now but the AutocreateTime is the time between creating the teams. Autocreated teams are trained and completed without the need for a specific trigger. Hence "autocreate."


Reducing the time between waves is in the rules file. TeamDelays and AIHateDelays or something along those lines. Those determine the time between attacks and the time between choosing who to attack.

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Reduce them, but not too far. They're based in frames and 15 frames, roughly, is 1 second. You'll want to give the AI at least 5 seconds between teams.


What do you consider serious change?

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