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Phúc Entetainment

Find the error?

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Okay, i know we got this message when do somethings wrong : "red alert 2 has encountered an internal error

and is unable to continue normally "
I know that can because mod, wrong number in rules.ini,....
But how do u know exactly what is the erro so i can fix ?

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Guest Stevie_K

I'm not sure there is a way to tell it just from that message only.

It could be several things:

  • Your files are somehow corrupted, maybe as a result of a mod you've installed, or files you've changed.
  • Your serial key is invalid (this might be the reason if you are experiencing the error during network play).
  • Your version of the game is different from the other player's version.
  • Mod files and game files are not compatible (your mod requires a newer or older patch).

It could really help if you could tell when exactly you experience this error. Is it at launch? During a singleplayer game session? During a multiplayer game session? What mod do you have installed?


A few things you could try:

  • Install the latest patch for Red Alert 2.
  • Make sure that your serial key is valid and unique from other players if you are playing on a network.
  • If you are playing with a mod, make sure to follow the install instructions 100%.

You mentioned something about a wrong number in the rules.ini. Try and elaborate on this part. What is it that is a wrong number? Why are you interacting with the rules.ini file to begin with?


The more you can tell, and the clearer you can do it, the better chance others have to help you. :)


Edit: If everything fails, a quick reinstall of the game is worth a try (remember to backup saved games if you care about them!).

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Well, i download "Aploascalype" mod ! U can find it on google. I play skirmish with AI . I just playing good until the message show up

NEW IMPORTANT THINGS : yesterday ,when i playing, i saved game then keep playing. The message come up. Then the game auto exit

Then i load the game back ! It show up verry well but 10 second then, it happend again ! So i have to deleted that save file too !

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Guest Stevie_K

I'm not sure it has anything to do with the save file(s).


It could just be a bug in the mod.


Did you install Yuri's Revenge patch 1.001 before installing the mod?

Did you install the latest version of the mod (Apocalypse v4.0.0000)?


Here is my suggestion to what you can do.

Make sure to properly uninstall the games before re-installing, that means remember to remove your save files as well (temporarily if you want), since the error could have something to do with these (although I highly doubt it) .


If you would be so kind to report back here and tell whether it works or not that'd be great.


EDIT: Forgot to say, that most importantly, make sure the game works as it should before you apply the mod. That way we can get an idea of whether the problem is with the mod.

EDIT2: Also, I highly recommend you update your graphics card driver to the latest version. I have experienced plenty of times that updating drivers fixed problems with older games.

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Guest Rabbit

The trick is to make a backup copy of rules.ini, and if you get any errors, revert to the backup.


It's fun to mod the game, but you don't have to give up if you remember to save a good copy. :)

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