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Discovert Operations for Red Alert - Mission Pack/Campaign

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I created these maps long ago at the beginning of this millenium. Since Iran's 303 update I' m able to play RA1 again, so I collected the best and bunched them together to a full mod/expansion pack. I 've seen there are still people out there playing this old game, so they may enjoy this addon.


The Discovert Ops missions are more epic, more complicated, much harder and more detailed (as well landscape and scripting) than the original missions.


Originally I built these maps only for me and some friends and did not plan to upload them, so there is no coherent storyline and the sides are not strictly separated in USSR or allies.


You are green, the enemy is red, thats everything.


Some Features:

  • 13 singleplayer missions
  • 10 multiplayer maps
  • water tiles and ore added to interior terrain
  • reusage of c&c1 civilian structures (which were still hardcoded in RA)
  • more than 20 new units, exclusive major bosses
  • improved AI and ini settings (the skirmish AI now is a little bastard! )


See http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=3068.0


Screenshots say more than text:

post-9818-0-87269000-1388003612_thumb.png post-9818-0-34020700-1388003593_thumb.png post-9818-0-68116500-1388003616_thumb.png post-9818-0-22609400-1388003603_thumb.png post-9818-0-08667700-1388004403_thumb.png


(do not wonder, in some missions you'll hear EVA's "unit lost" at the beginning, I used an improvement containing spies, mines and silver crates to cloak hostile buildings.)

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Your sidebar seems messed up... as if you're using a high-res version of RA but your game folder doesn't contain the necessary adapted sidebar graphics...

Since Iran's 303 update I' m able to play RA1 again

You mean, Iran's update of RA 3.03. The actual RA 3.03 update was made by Westwood ;)


Anyway... these look really interesting :)

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Yeah, I need to update the mix files in my redalert folder.

I never used the Westwood version of 303, I used the old german CD installations from 1996 until today :D


Thanks for your interest. Please report me some bugs. This is an yet unfinished mod, I'll made an update of this campaign in a half of a year or so to make it a complete 303p addon, fixing bugs, adding the new triggers/functions and maybe adding complete new units.


It is possible to add a new unit to Red Alert without overwriting an existing one?

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It is possible to add a new unit to Red Alert without overwriting an existing one?

I don't think Iran has hacked the game quite so thoroughly yet.

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So, what's going on:

I'm working again on this campaign, adding a storyline, which starts with the soviet defeat after the allied main campaign.

you take over the command of a special task force called C.U.B.E., which main objective it is to fight against the remaining soviet resistance.

Finally it is revealed how the brotherhood of nod rises from the ashes of the soviet union.

That story will be continued with the discovert ops for cc1.


some of the missions will be complete redesigned, one new I'll add.

I'm also going to made cooperate multiplayer maps from some of the missions.


Architecture of socialism:



The heart of the soviet empire:



Revolutionary battlefields:


Discovert Ops 2.0 - coming soon!

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