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Discovert Operations for Tiberian Dawn - Mission Pack/Campaign

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As I promised, the other part of my old-school missions.


I built the maps between end of the 90s and mid 2000. I originally planned two campaigns, one for Nod and one for GDI, but I melted them together. Now you are green, they are red, like in my Red Alert Campaign.


I set my focus on building detailed landscapes and detailled scripting (as detailled as possible in TD).

There are still some minor bugs I failed to solve, so reinforcements don't arrive proper or AI may not start production/autocreate or his tanks stay at base instead of attacking in some cases.


Good luck, Commander!



- 17 Singleplayer Missions

- 1? Multiplayer Maps

- some MP maps come with a skirmish AI having a base and building units



See http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=3079.0







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I got it.

Eventually it will be featured in the huge collection (for those arriving now, see my signature).

If not all, most of it, as far as I noted observing the maps.

One curiosity: About when did you make the snow maps?

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In the same time period I changed the player color to green. originally that was a temperate map I converted to the snow theater when I updated Discovert Ops to C&C 1.06c. why you ask?

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I wanted to confirm my perception (that the snow theater is a recent thing in TD).

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I could've confirmed that... I added it to the game :P

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