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GTA V mod for GTA IV is now WIP

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At first I thought San Andreas and GTA III mods for GTA IV = both buggy and needs more texturing.


But how would like Niko Bellic and the Inferno car to be in a bigger version of Los Santos as a mod for GTA IV? :P It's becoming real and some of these gamers just can't wait..... :rolleyes:


Source: http://www.incgamers.com/2014/01/grand-theft-auto-v-being-recreated-for-pc-in-gta-iv-by-modders


Here's are four preview videos of it:





Also this:


When the mod is done, this could be the biggest mod for GTA IV and possibly Moddb, if it gets released there.


Hard drive space requirements (my guess), as big as GTA IV itself (and that's 15 GB).


I predict this mod will be finished long before the real GTA V is released.

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It looks like a GTA V LOD map for GTA IV has been released (and that's just the alpha version of it):



... as for the GTA V main characters, they are also available to download too:


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More updated videos:



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