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Zero Hour Manual?

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Hey all!

I bought the C&C TUC on Origin a while ago and finally got around to playing Zero Hour. Now, I like reading the manuals on all the C&C games so far because that are all full of real personality, lore and don't feel dry.

However, Zero Hour doesn't have a manual. Actually, *none* of the TUC games from what I can find came with manuals. I've had to rely on replacementdocs and the CNCWiki for them. I can't find the ZH one though. Does anyone know if there is a scan of it anywhere?


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Well,. don't feel bad. You have more then EA/Origin :P


Seriously. TUC comes with *NO* manuals. At all. Such a barebones collection for something that deserved a lot more care.

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Just added the Generals PDF manual to our Downloads section. Haven't been able to find one for Zero Hour yet though. If you want the Generals one....

We do have the Prima C&C Generals & Zero Hour Official Strategy Guide though, better than nothing ;)

If you need manuals for other C&C games there is the link @Nyerguds shared above. Or just hit up the Multmedia pages for each game inside our Downloads section here at CNCNZ.com

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Well, I got a bunch of strat guides, including that one, but I dunno how legal it is to upload these since they're published books.




Nevermind that. That pdf was apparently put on the EA ftp at some point.

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