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Hey there guys,

First of all, that seems like a great community, congrats!


I'm definitely new on modding so I'm trying to explore and learn as many things possible. I've basically get started with editing rulesmd.ini file; added some features to Kirov and made Battle Bunkers garrisonable by Tesla Troopers etc. But since I'm unfamiliar with the "language" of the game, sometimes I have difficulties about understanding which code means what. I mean it's easy to check for a unit's speciality and copy it for another but sometimes there's no explanation for codes and I just can't understand them.


Is there a index-like, map legend-ish database available for me to sit down and study?


Thanks in advance,


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There's ModEnc but that's really it. PPM is good for questions but don't ask without trying first. Most tags are self-explanatory, but you may also want to hunt down Deezire's INI Editing Guide. There's some outdated information in there but it's still very handy information.


If there's something particular you want to know, I can answer usually.

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