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Anyone still playing this F2P game?

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After Easy Studios took over operations of this game when EA Phenomic was shut down, I have played the game once again with a new faith, attacking allied farm bases just to gain research points leading to shorter-time research upgrades. Surprisingly, some of the GR.org members I knew are still playing. Alongside with new worlds, existing POIs, new economy changes and now Forgotten retaliation attacks, at this point, every unit and upgrade are finished for this F2P game. I just wish Easy Studios should make Scrin as a playable faction to go up against the Forgotten.

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I don't plan to pick this up again until they release a mobile version.

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A mobile version is not being planned by Easy Studios as what this thread has mentioned: http://forum.alliances.commandandconquer.com/showthread.php?tid=19870


In order for a TA mobile version to work, some third party user scripts need to be integrated (as official) with it in order for TA to become more useful.

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