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So now that I've taken a break and returned to working on the game, it's really given me sort of an outsider perspective of my own work and it's enabled me to come up with some improvements. In any case, here's some updates:



The main storyline is going to be relatively linear, in that few choices you make will drastically change the story (other than the main choice of picking between RDI and The Brotherhood).


So far, I've outlined 34 missions for the RDI and 33 missions for the Brotherhood. There's also going to be 5 to 10 missions that are playable regardless of which side you choose, and there's going to be several side missions that don't have anything to do with the storyline and technically don't need to be completed to win the game, but they'll earn you some rewards and stuff that you can use to fight, defend, or heal yourself.


Death / Save system

I've changed the save and death system quite a bit. It is now Renegade style. The game will automatically save as you reach certain checkpoints. You can also initiate a quicksave by pressing F6. If you die, you'll be given the option to load a save, or quit. Plain and simple. The only downside I see is that it removes any experience you may gain from killing bad dude number 1, only to be slain by bad dude number 2. The plus side is it makes the game more realistic and it makes my life a whole lot easier when it comes to scripting.



I've made the battle system a little more advanced. Enemies no longer just run, retreat, and swipe their sword as soon as they're close enough. They all have unique moves and combinations that they can use to attack. In a sense, it allows you to search for patterns with the weaker enemies, but it also makes the stronger ones a more unpredictable.


Enemies that are infused with tiberium gain strength when you attack them with tiberium based weapons. Likewise, if you are lucky enough to reach tiberium infusion on the Nod story arc, you'll reap the same benefits.



Similar to the telephone booth in some of the earlier Legend of Zelda games, there will be guides placed in key positions around the map. You can talk to any one of them if you get lost and not sure where you're supposed to go. They'll basically say things like "Sir, Logan wants you to meet him at this castle" or something to that effect. Think of them as messengers.

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