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Why Zero Hour is awesome

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Hi there! Under the name of the Generals Gentlemen my co-caster and I produce great shoutcasts for Zero Hour and other RTS content. Today I'm going to be kicking off my new video series, "Games that I find awesome." In which I give my impressions of certain games exploring what I like and dislike about my favourite games. Naturally I shall be starting off with Command and Conquer Zero Hour, comparing and contrasting to other RTS games such as Starcraft II.

Despite the servers going down we will continue to post Zero Hour content so like the Generals Gentlemen Facebook page to follow our content! Edited by Sonic
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One part is wrong, never compare Zero Hour with Starcraft II. Zero Hour is so buggy that even gameplay and balancing were almost a complete disaster.

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I haven't found Zero Hour to be particularly buggy, especially not to the point of calling it almost a complete disaster.

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