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Tiberium Alliances Patch Notes - June 2014

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Here is a summary of the planned changes coming up in Tiberium Alliances for the month of June. This release focuses on mitigating several exploitative behaviours as well as adding gameplay connections to the alliance system. These patch notes are preliminary and things may change without further notice.





All players on a world now start with the same layout
We noted that players rejoined the same world with different accounts to try and get the “perfect layout”. This resulted in an unnecessary number of used slots that could otherwise be used by new players. Since all first bases will now look the same, there won’t be a point in creating new accounts.

  • All worlds have a determined layout for the first player bases.
  • The layout seed is unique per world. If you join another world the layout will be different there, but the same for all players on that world. Second and third bases etc. will still work as before.
  • This applies for the layout of resources (Tiberium and Crystals) as well as for the layout of the defense area (Oil Slicks, Swamps, Scrubs, Woods).

Changes for inter/intra-alliances gameplay

  • You can no longer attack another player’s base if one of the following conditions are met:
    • Target player is a member of the same alliance as you.
    • Target player is a member of an alliance your own alliance is allied with.
    • Target player is a member of an alliance your own alliance has a Non-Agressive Pact (NAP) with.
    • You accepted a holiday substitution for the target player.
  • If you leave an alliance, you cannot rejoin the same alliance within 7 days.

Changes in PvP rewards
We've made changes to how rewards are calculated in PvP attacks to mitigate exploitative behaviour. Rewards are now not only dependent on the unit’s life, but will also diminish upon further attacks.

  • The amount of rewards for damaging a defending unit is now 0.7^n (n = amount of times a certain unit has been attacked). n will increase by 1 for every attack on that specific unit if it is damaged during the attack. Counters for undamaged units will not increase.
  • Every defensive unit has its own attack counter that won’t be shown on the user interface.
  • The counter is reset when the defending base is destroyed.
  • This update will only apply to rewards generated by damaging defensive units on enemy bases.
  • Changes made will not apply to rewards generated by offensive units entering the building area, damaging buildings or destroying the attacked base.
  • These changes do not effect PvE.


  1. All defensive unit counters are 0 and all defense units are at 100% hit points. Let's say the reward for the attacker for destroying one MG Nest is 1000 (1000 * 0.7^0).
  2. On the second attack, all defense units go back to 100% hit points. The attack counter for MG Nest is 1 and MG Nest is destroyed again. Rewards for the attacker will now be 700 (1000 * 0.7^1).
  3. Third attack, all defense units back to 100% hit points. Attack counter for MG Nest is 2, MG Nest is destroyed again. Reward for the attacker will now be 490 (1000 * 0.7^2).
  4. And so on. The row of rewards for following attacks for the mentioned case of the destroyed MG Nest is: 343, 240, 168, 118, 82, 57, 40 etc.

Changes to the protection shield at start
We have taken measures to fix an exploit using "newbie" shields to protect Points of Interest (POIs).

  • The starting protection shield falls prematurely if a base moves too far towards the center. This update won’t apply to recovery shields or subsequent base shields.
  • During the time after world creation which is equal to the newbie shield duration (e.g. the first seven days), moving towards the center no matter how far will not drop the newbie shield.

Changes to the refer-a-friend program
The refer-a-friend program has been seeing some exploits, so we've changed the reward requirements. Refer-a-friend now gives rewards when your friend creates his/her second base.


  • A script error at loading the game with Chrome 36 has been fixed.
  • Entering the game with Internet Explorer 11 does not result in a "Browser not supported" warning any more.
  • All browsers should show the icon for a proper SSL connection in the address bar now.
  • An issue that resulted in the browser sending unneeded requests to the server has been fixed.
  • An issue resulting in players not being able to research certain technologies (e.g. Vertigo/Firehawk - Nanotech or Flak - Guided Missiles) has been fixed.
  • A text error when displaying the World Championship Server medals has been fixed.
  • A text error in notifications for attacking Forgotten Bases has been fixed.
  • Forgotten Attacks Beta world: An issue that resulted in Forgotten Attacks not happening for certain players any more has been fixed (hotfix of May 13th 2014).


You can read the original announcement thread here on the Tiberium Alliances forums.

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These latest patch changes could make more TA players off from the map servers more frequently..... until it's dead.

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