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Guest Rabbit

Gameplay Guide

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Guest Rabbit

So I figured I'd post this since I want it somewhere,




WASD = Movement

Enter = Action key

Backspace = Cancel or Menu

Space = Dash (run faster)

F6 = Quicksave

J = Attack

K = Block

H = Item

N = Equipment Menu

F = Follower Attack (If you have a follower or guard with you, they will attack when you hit F)



Save System

The save system is very fluid, and will be very similar to the save system in Renegade. At any point, you can hit F6 to quicksave. You can also hit Backspace to open up the menu and save to a particular slot. Lastly, there are random autosave points scattered everywhere throughout the map. These are designed to save the game rather frequently (every couple minutes), without affecting your gameplay. The autosave and quicksave get saved to their own files, for the player's convenience.


Gameplay System

Gameplay will feature the character walking around in a top-down view. The gameplay is similar to the older Legend of Zelda games, right down to the fact that you use swords and shields. There will be shops to purchase items, weapons, and armor, and enemies will be fought in real time on the map. In some cases, choosing not to fight may result in a different outcome for a mission. Additionally, while practically every mission involves fighting an enemy, a few will feature puzzle-like solutions to a map, or investigating by talking to common townspeople. The game will allow you to make choices that slightly alter later missions and slightly altering the ending, but for the most part, the only "major" choice is whether to fight for the Royal Defense Initiative or the Brotherhood.


Cheat System

I felt like adding a cheat system, which gives you weapons, health, gold, or some other things. If anyone has any suggestions for particular cheats, feel free to let me know. I know the best way to play the game is without cheats, but sometimes they can make the game more fun the second time around.



Potential Future Features - (Don't get your hopes up)

  • Key Remapping - For those who want to change the controls to the game, I'm looking into how to make that possible. It's a lot harder than it sounds.
  • Mobile compatibility - There are options to play simpler RPG Maker VX Ace games on the Android system. I'm going to attempt to make my game compatible once it is complete.
  • Multiplayer options - While real time combat will likely never be possible, I'm looking into ways to make the game function with a few multiplayer features. If successful, these features will be an optional download that does not come with the vanilla game.


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