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Version 0.7 of the Ares DLL project has been released. This special DLL file is aimed at the modding community, it adds new features to Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. Ares 0.7 fixes a few memory issues that were affecting all operating systems, but that had a habit of crashing on Windows 8. Check out the changelog below to find what is new in this release.




  • Memory Management issues were resolved, which results in fewer crashes and better support for Windows 8.
  • Hunter Seeker Super Weapon, Unit Settings and Side defaults
  • Drop Pod Super Weapon and customizable Settings
  • Several weapon additions like Splits and Airburst enhancements, Ranged and ProjectileRange, and BallisticScatter
  • Warheads that prevent units to scatter when hit
  • Civilian enemies attacked in multiplayer and smarter defense against civilian threats
  • Loading themes for campaigns and multiplayer
  • Score screen Graphics and Themes for campaign and multiplayer
  • Aircraft customization with Smoke animations and Airstrike-related voices
  • MakeInfantryOwner expanded to work with generic infantry death animations
  • Teams can retaliate in case a member is attacked
  • Passable structures units can drive on without side effects like the workarounds have
  • Dimming deactivated units by reason for deactivation
  • Damage sparks made customizable and enhanced to work with all types

You can read more about Ares at the official site, where you will also find the download of this new version.

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