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Latest Playtest Build of OpenRA Available

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A new playtest version of OpenRA has been made available for download. Playtest-20140709 is release candidate for the important July release to come later this month. This short development cycle has been extremely productive, and includes some long-awaited features.


  • The RA and TD game music can now be downloaded and installed from the in-game music player.
  • Capturing enemy structures in RA and TD will now let you build units from their faction.
  • The maximum tech level can be configured in the lobby options (TD only in this playtest).
  • Added an option to lock the mouse cursor inside the game window.

Other big changes include:

  • Fixed a number of crashes that were introduced in the last release.
  • Improved performance and memory usage.
  • Added beacon images for the RA spy plane, paratroopers, and parabombs.
  • Multiple players can now repair a building at an accelerated rate.
  • Added engine support for diamond-shaped (“isometric”) terrain (an important milestone for our TS mod).

More details about this release can be found here.

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Great - i will try it. :)
The url open-ra.net is incorrect. New: openra.net

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Fixed link.

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