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GameSpy Arcade's (GSA) server list for Renegade has been shut down but no worries

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GameSpy Arcade's server list for C&C Renegade, which is used by older versions of RenList and other software has been shut down more than 50 days after it was initially stated it would be shut down.


No worries, grab the latest version of RenList (version 1.0.7) which uses a fan made server list clone of GameSpy's server list. All the popular Renegade servers are already listed on this fan run clone. This fan made and run clone was made by hifi, who also is a CnCNet developer amongst other things, and is hosted by CnCNet.


There also is a web server list which shows information for servers which are listed on this CnCNet fan run clone. The server info is refreshed every minute and there's a simple tool to directly connect to servers by clicking the IP+port listed on the page for a server.

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I haven't play Renegade for a very long time. But I always thought playing via GSA wasn't so popular, at least was back in the early days. And besides, isn't it just easy to play via XWIS?

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