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Anyone remember Netstorm Islands at war? fan and orginal dev kickstarter reboot

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Hello all just wanted to post about our Unity3D project we are working on at moment, our team orginaly started as a group of fans working on redoing the old Nestorm bringing it from 2D into 3D we caught the attention of the original devs who helped us approach Activision, But activision was now interested in seeing the project continue using the old IP and world but we has the option of continuing the development if we dropped the old IP and game world and switched to a new game world and IP.





Disciples Of The Storm RTS is a rebirth of Netstorm style of tactical bridging meets tower offense gameplay. Our team is working with the original developers that worked on Nestorm on creating a new art feel and IP for the game world for this reboot but we needs public and gaming support on backing of our kickstarter to help bring DOTS into further devopment....


You can see our kickstarter here









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I just can't take anything that is on Kickstarter seriously I'm afraid. But that's just me. Good luck with your project though.

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