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Hecthor Doomhammer

500 follower special stream announcement

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This is not an announcement about an upcoming stream, but it is something that involves me as a livestreamer, but I want to bring this to attention.

On OCTOBER 5th at 13:00 GMT!!!!!

As I passed 450 followers today and and well over 75% voted to be in favor of a 500 Follower Q&A Stream session, I have mdade a video explaining what will happend during the event and how to contact me for this

In the movie description on Youtube, you can find the links where all of you can send in questions about me as a livestreamer on Twitch and my work on Youtube, or my work with any of the mods I stream at the moment.



I will read all questions sent in, but I will have the final say on what makes it on the actual stream when it happens. Also, I don't know yet how long I will stream, nor which mod or mods I will stream.

I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of questions you guys can come up with.


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I edited and updated the first Post of this topic and added a video explaining what will happen during this event.

Please consider watching it and in the movie description you'll find all the links you need.

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Last night I reached the 500 followers!

for convinience sake, I will leave the methors of communication open until OCTOBER 4TH, and on Sunday, October 5th I will do this Special stream., so watch the video and send in your questions !

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