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Guyen Gankhuyag

Upgraded to I5 CPU with B85m-e motherboard game will not start

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I upgraded recently to core I5 with 8 cores, DDR4 and B85M-E ASUS UEFI motherboard however found out C&C game will no longer play. It always crashes upon start. Wonder what is the problem here. I tried to tinkel with many settings in the MOTHERBOARD BIOS but never been able to get it functioning.

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You mean an Intel Core i7 5960X with 8 CPU cores? Gee, you must have spent a fortune on that pricey CPU/Motherboard. :o


First of all:

1) What C&C game?

2) Please post your PC specs including what OS you are using and Direct X info. You may want to upgrade all sound/graphic/chip drivers before playing a C&C game. The thing is that CPU and motherboard are just newly released and older games should play well on them regardless on which OS you are running.

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actually it turns out i7-4771 8 core with B85M-E with 8GB DDR4.

Total was about 500$. ****ing frustrated as my stupid laptop wont run so I wipe clean and install everything from beginning but ****ing bitch CD1 FOR general cant read and i yank it broke the ****ing cd. Just ordered another set from ebay. What a bitch day

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