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C&C Red Alert APB: Coop Server WIP

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Website: http://apb.multiplayerforums.com


What is Red Alert A Path Beyond

Red Alert: A Path Beyond brings the exciting storyline and epic clashes from the classic Westwood Studios game, Command & Conquer: Red Alert, to realm of the first person shooters.



Is it free

Yes very much so.



How to get it

Download and install the BHP launcher from here. and install "Red Alert: A Path Beyond" from the games tab.




The current rotation is

Bunkers Under Pipeline AS_Seamist

Metro StormyValley RidgeWar Hourglass

Wasteland Christmas2013 Bonsai TheWoodsToday

Volcano CTT_Luna CamosCanyon Zama

RiverRaid GuardDuty DM_Killfields Fissure

ToTheCore NorthByNorthwest KeepOffTheGrass Antlion




In Development

The server will run extra stuff including sounds, (coop)maps and advanced ranks plus more.





How to play?

Using the server browser join "MPF AOW/Co-Op Server" or the "MPF Test Server".




The server and website are under construction at the moment and there may be some bugs, just report them and we will fix them asap, if you do find any :)



IRC Channel

irc.ultraaow.com or irc.cncirc.net in channel #mpf-apb and #z (test server)


===Maps in progress WIP content===


I originally created this map for TCW a long time ago, it was actually a Coop map then too and played very nice (videos


But that aside, it is based on the map M03 from Westwood for Renegade.

The crane is by ImperialKaskins and so is the Hangar. The Aircraftcarrier is from CNC3 (i will LIKELY replace this with a APB model later on, undecided).


The Mission

The ultimate goal of the mission is to intercept a demolition truck parked at the Soviet Missile Silo and steal it with a Spy.

There will likely be only an x number of times you can try stealing one. If they get destroyed too often your team will lose the mission.

Your team will have to infiltrate the base and destroy buildings to hamper unit production etc.

Once your team acquired a Demolition Truck, it has to be driven to the other side of the map where it will be picked up by other means (undecided how exactly).

Your mission is a success when a Demolition Truck reaches the end and is extracted before getting destroyed.


WIP Video


WIP Images

Here some screenshots from the map. I have only placed the buildings so far and textured it a bit (water will be different later on).

Here a few more renders after a lil work on it, most textures now showup too. No trees, bushes or the likes yet. Not final, lots needs to be done still.




Ingame overview:


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Hey all, i'm working on a Co-op map again for RA:APB :D





Players will be able to steal technology from the Barracks's with an Engineer. The A-bomb side Barracks will unlock the Soviet Flamethrower, and the PP side Barracks will unlock the Soviet Rocket Soldier, when infiltrated with an Engineer. (Stand near the MCT to steal).

To elaborate a bit more on what you will need to do in this mission:


You will have 40 minutes to destroy the Abomb Silo.

At first you will need to proceed to the Soviet Base using a Naval Transport, take out what you can and then while Ore truck dumps are getting in and you are loaded with money, you should buy Longbows.

The Abomb Silo is heavily guarded by SAM Sites, Tesla Coils and Flame Towers. You'd be best off to kill (or Spy infiltrate) the Power Plant to take down the primary defenses everywhere. This allows you to get close with Longbows.

Note that the Contruction Yards rebuild the defenses every 3-5 minutes. They are a priority target and should be destroyed to hamper contructions.


Take out whatever other defenses you need destroyed and destroy the Abomb Silo within 40 minutes or you will lose the game, in other case the game will continue and the objective becomes destroying the remainder of the Soviet Presense in the area.

As always: Destroying production buildings will hamper or completely disable the units/buildings it can produce.

The barracks on the left side controls the infantry on the left side of the map and the barracks on the right side controls the infantry on the right side of the map :duh:

The refinery will disable a dozen units from spawning around when it is destroyed.


Some Editor Screenshots:




Anyone who would like to test the map already, you can join our Test Server through the Launcher :)

I haven't done a whole lot just yet though. There are no bots yet. But defenses yes. Still working on it but this should be a fun map when it's done.



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I've extended the Destroyers with Special Refill-Pads now so it is more clear to players they can refill there:


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The Soviet Invasion is confirmed!

This map can now be played on the server :)


Primary Objective

On this map you have to protect the M.C.V. for roughly 40 minutes.

The base and M.C.V. will be raided by hordes of Soviet infantry and some time later also by Soviet Vehicles.


Manual Ore Harvesting

When the map starts an Ore Truck will be delivered by an Allied Chinook, a player will have to take it and get Ore at the East side behind the Refinery.


Purchase your defenses

There are Purchase Pillbox and Purchase Turret mini-consoles around the base. You have to press E on them to add $400 or $500 to that defense's fundpool.

Pillboxes cost $4000 ($400 everytime you press E) and Turrets $5000 ($500 everytime you press E).

When the defense reaches its goal fund it will take a few seconds to build and it will then appear and start defending the base from Soviets.

It is recommended to get the Pillboxes online first.



A few minutes into the game a Ranger will be dropped off by a Chinook which, when it gets destroyed, will be delivered again some time after.


Soviet Paratroopers

Every 5 mins or so there will be a Soviet Paradrop dropping 9 Paratroopers that will attack players and the M.C.V.



Character Limitations

The Allied Tanya is limited to 1 at a time.

The Allied Sniper is limited to 2 at a time.

When the limit is reached you will get a "Not in stock" notification.


Map Screenshots


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Nice destroyer...

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Thanks :) and:


New Feature

It is now possible to steal enemy infantry technology:

When you stand inside the enemy barracks with an engineer near the mct for 15 seconds without dying, the enemy infantry options become available in your own purchase terminal :)


Other Misc Updates

- Spies will be able to press E on enemies to kill them in the future co-op maps. Downside is that your "spy-ability" is lost once you use it and enemies will start firing at you.

- Add a Human Silo crate which makes the player that picked it up act like a Silo granting the whole team $2.5/sec until they die, changing characters is fine.

- Add a Team option to the regular Money crate which makes the picked up money team-wide meaning everyone on your team gets that amount of money.

- Death crate now creates a proper explosion, Tanya C4.

- Add Veterancy crate which can grant the player 1 up to 1111 veteran points.

- Add support for the stealth crate to stealth the first vehicle you enter, but only your first and once.


Misc Fixes

- Make sure the veterancy health regeneration commences when you spawn or switch character.

- Add a check for the conyard with the "You can now build defenses again." message so it doesn't display unless the conyard is available and not dead too.

- Add the defense purchases to !commands output for players.

- Update the !commands output to include a lot of things, try it.


Future Plans

We've added an Allied Chinook in light blue coloring for delivering vehicles from the vehicle crate once we get around to set crate locations for each map.

We've gotto fix the co-op map Dark_Dawn, it appears to be crashing the server all the time, unsure when this will be done.

New wip co-op map upcoming called RA_Zero_Healing with a Hospital, the Soviet bases and an A-Bomb Silo which will be used for the primary objective of this map.

sla_ro(master) is also gonna work out a co-op map, more details soon.


Source: https://multiplayerforums.com/topic/5836-semi-major-update/

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