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CNCNZ.com Staff Positions Now Open

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The time has come to kick some life back into CNCNZ.com. And that can't be done alone. So we are now are on the hunt to add new people to our team. Official numbers have not been set, at this stage its a case of gauging interest. Are you still a passionate Command & Conquer fan? Do you have faith in the franchise? If that is you, its the sort of person we need on our side.




The following positions are currently open. The requirements are flexible.


News Team:
People on our News Team will be required to search the C&C community and various other sources for C&C news, modding news and community news.

  • Follow our pre-designed templates
  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • Professionally presented news updates
  • Someone to cover the C&C online tournament scene would be a bonus

Articles Team:
People who would be interested should obviously enjoy writing, and be a C&C fan, of course. You will be asked to write articles covering a wide range of subjects, looking at the issues in our community, modding tutorials, discussing strategies and guides for improving a players C&C online skills and more. As an article writer, you will be in charge of coming up with fresh ideas for new articles that you think other C&C fans would be interested in reading. Have a look back through our past articles to see what former contributors have come up with.

  • Follow our pre-designed template
  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • No HTML necessary, CNCNZ.com has a powerful backend with built in editing tools. If you can post on a forum you can create content for our site.
  • Professionally presented articles

Anyone interested in joining the CNCNZ.com staff as a part of our News Team or Articles Team can simply post a reply in this news thread and we will take it from there. If you would prefer, you can send me a quick a private message. Include any questions you may have. I'm considering this step one in a mini revival of CNCNZ.com, so why not jump on and join the ride!

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