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CnCNet player peak rises to over 500 players

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As of last Sunday the player peak rises to over 500 players! 512 to be exact as of January 4th 21:20 (CET). CnCNet keeps growing thanks to you!


2015 will bring more features and support for more games on CnCNet. ;)




We recently launched a new website and new forums skin, thanks to our new developer Grant. Our developers are working on adding ladder support for all the games we currently support. We have a new official CnCNet YouTube account now and we'll be using it to upload a variety of CnCnet related content, such as videos of online matches played on CnCNet, trailers and tutorials. https://www.youtube.com/user/CnCNetOfficial?sub_confirmation=1


Work is continuing on bringing support for Yuri's Revenge to CnCnet 5, with a brand new client too. What we curently have allows you to launch online and skirmish matches with friends, with all map, game options, game modes and other features working. Currently coop crashes in the score screen and support for map sharing and anti-cheat is lacking. Once this is added and the client progresses we'll release our first beta. Later on we'll add support for optional name/account registration, ladder, quick match, clans, friends list etc.


For more information visit http://www.cncnet.org and on don't forget to follow our social media pages:






We are looking for people interested in creating video content for us, which may include recordings of online matches played on CnCNet 5, trailers, video effects, tutorials etc. If you're interested contact us on our forums.


We're also looking for people with experience playing RA2/YR online or modding experience who can help us with testing and development of the Yuri's Revenge support for CnCNet 5. You can contact me or Grant personally for a position or just join our developer chat room.

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