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Fan-Made Online Services for C&C Peak in Numbers Yet Again

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2015 couldn't have started better for community-made multiplayer services for C&C games. Yesterday, on January 4th, CnCNet's player count record was set to a whopping 512, cumulated from all supported games and mods! On the same day, C&C:Online's SpyMaster was fixed in the early morning, and what was seen afterwards surprised everyone - the player counts kept rising to such an extent that it was hard to make a screenshot, as the number just kept going up until it neared cca 340, cumulated from all supported games.


pnHYD1J.png KJy2cjT.jpg

This is wonderful news for everyone interested in multiplayer modes of Command & Conquer games and we hope it will not stop here.

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Could you make a news post about the info I posted here:




Has some stuff about ladder, social media, development for YR support and calls for volunteers. Don't really understand why you couldn't just do two news posts.


But it does remind me it could be very useful to start a partnership with C&C:Online

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