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Renegade X Beta 4 Preliminary Change List

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The Renegade X team have posted a very detailed list of the preliminary changes that are in the works for Beta 4 of Renegade X, that is scheduled for a released at the end of February. The list below is just the general information.





  • Added support for custom maps
  • Added auto patcher to the launcher
  • Added 3 new maps (CNC-Complex, CNC-Under, CNC-Canyon)
  • Donations are disabled for the first mins of a game depending on new serversetting 'DonationsDisabledTime'. Default is 3 minutes.
  • The start of an online match is now delayed by 20 seconds. The start of the match will be delayed till either the server filled up or till NetWaitTime=20 rans out. After that a final 10 second counter will start before the game begins
  • Remote C4 does not influence the teams mine limit any more. Instead there is a special remote c4 limit of 4 per person
  • When you get killed the camera now rotates towards your killer so that you can see what direction you were killed from
  • Optimized particle trail effects on various missile, shells, and bullet particles for better performance
  • Mines now show who placed them in their targeted description
  • You can now disarm your own mines to place them somewhere else (With secondary repairgun fire you can still heal them aswell)
  • Added mapspecific mine- and vehiclelimits that can be configured in the UDKRenegadeX.ini. See DefaultRenegadeX.ini for examples
  • Timed C4 now plays beep(s) every 5 seconds
  • When you die from C4/Mines the kill message should now always display the C4/Mine owner as your killer instead of just "you suicided/died"
  • Added DM-Deck to the maplist (will play as a 10 mins TDM match if voted)
  • New character/vehicle shader system with cubemap reflections
  • Added visual countdown to the beacons targetingbox indicating how much time is left to disarm it
  • SBH and Stanks have their stealth deactivated when inside an EMP Field
  • Servers can now use a Fixed Map Rotation by setting bFixedMapRotation to true
  • Added bAllowWeaponDrop serversetting (off by default)
  • Body damage now causes blood splatter effects
  • Added Smoke Grenade. Spawns a SmokeScreen that blocks targeting and Line of Sight from Base Defences.
  • New Vehicle Locking system:
    • Players can now bind to a single vehicle, which allows them to lock/unlock the vehicle at any time.
    • Locking only locks the driver seat. If another player is currently the driver at the time it gets locked, they are moved to passenger (or booted out if no room).
    • A vehicle will auto-unlock if the owner dies.
    • Binds are lost on team change, disconnect, enemy hijack, binding another vehicle.
    • Auto-bind will occur if a player gets in a vehicle they purchased, and they don't already have a bound vehicle.
    • Lock/Unlock is performed by pressing L. Bind/Unbind is performed by holding L for one second.
    • Vehicles show if they are locked or reserved and whether you own them in their targeted description.
  • You now get 10 damage per sec when standing on an active air vehicle to prevent vehicle surfing
  • Crates adjustments:
    • You will not get a refill crate when your ammo and health are above 75%
    • You will not get a character swtiching crate if you already have a non free character
    • Crates now will spawn at the beginning of every game minute to make them less random
    • Initial Money ctate credits changed from 100 -> 150
    • Character Crates wont award the free char classes anymore so that its more worthwhile to get
  • Changing to and from walking and jumping is now client-predicted to make it smoother in online play
  • Additional improvements to pawn movement speed adjustments:
    • The Jumping slow down now applies while maintaining constant speed (before it would only apply if you changed to a different speed (eg from sprint to run)
    • The slowest you can be forced to go (via repeated jumping) is walking speed.
    • Improved smoothness.
  • Clients can now see the about to be kicked for idling warnings
  • Set KickIdlers on by default, and set to 5 minutes
  • Vehicles that have passengers but no driver now remain on the occupants team instead of going neutral.
  • If a vehicle reserve time expires, its team gets switched to Neutral.
  • Added a server option bReserveVehiclesToBuyer (default true) which when set to false, disables the automatic buyer-only reserve of a purchased vehicle. (It still remains Team reserved)
  • Added collision on a few deco props that needed collision
  • Added a 'Your score this minute' info to the additional HUD info that you get by using the 'V' key
  • Stolen vehicles dont count towards the vehicle limit of either team anymore
  • Harvester respawntime increased by 10 secs
  • Respawntime for vehicles created after a harvester increased by 2 secs to make it less unlikely for them blowing up the previously spawned harv
  • Added check to prevent players from placing beacons inside their own base (the check is based on the spotting locations/buildings
    if the nearest spotting actor is a friendly building the beacon cant be placed. The player gets a message informing him about it)
  • Decreased beacon disarm reward from 300 to 200
  • Improved the End of Map vote. You can now exclude the last X amount of maps (RecentMapsToExclude [def=3]) and also define how many options to list (MaxMapVoteSize [def=5]). They are also scrambled, so they aren't always listed in the same order. (Config in UDKRenegadeX.ini)
  • The EMP Grenade Blast can now disarm Proximity and AT Mines.
  • Hitting an enemy building with an EMP triggers the "Building Under Attack" message
  • Base Defences now all have proper names in kill messages.
  • Suppressed death messages when a player switches team or disconnects.
  • Harvester now gives proper kill messages when running players over.
  • Kill messages now differentiate between killing yourself and dying "by nobody" (eg the World).
  • Players will now switch to previously equipped weapon from any explosive-type weapon(s) once the ammo count has reached 0.
  • Characters have less gravity to be a little more arcade-ish
  • C4s now play "impact" sounds
  • Added vehicle death messages
  • Havoc and Sakura will now have multiple timed c4 as their default explosive weapons
  • Camera doesent get attached to head gibs anymore
  • Setup of global map info parameters for vehicles and characters similar to the stealth parameters that can allow various visual components of characters and vehicles to be edited on a per map basis. Such as global cubemaps, reflection colour, and brightness
  • The light at the end of the repair beam is now blue
  • Reduced momentum inflicted to dead bodies so that ragdolls are less extreme

There are heaps more changes, fixes and additions, check out the full list right here.

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I disapprove of the following:


  • Timed C4 now plays beep(s) every 5 seconds
  • Added Smoke Grenade. Spawns a SmokeScreen that blocks targeting and Line of Sight from Base Defences.
  • You will not get a refill crate when your ammo and health are above 75%
  • The EMP Grenade Blast can now disarm Proximity and AT Mines.
Beeping C4 is stupid in concept (only movies put beepers on a timed explosive) and reduces the validity of stealth tactics.

SmokeScreen seems very over powered...

Crates not healing unless you're below 75% seems a bit strict, I think <90% would do fine.

EMPs disarming proximity mines makes proximity mining your base far less useful.


Everything else is good. :thumbsup:

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While the new changes aren't that bad, the main part to extend Renegade-X is that now anyone can make their own Renegade-X map with a map editor. With this release, there will be a dozen official maps to play with... plus upcoming/incoming custom maps. :thumbsup:

Edited by zocom7

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Added DM-Deck to the maplist (will play as a 10 mins TDM match if voted)


s this a new map they forgot to mention or something along those lines?

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