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In approximately 30 hours from now, I will be releasing the 99th episode and semi-conclusion to the tiberium universe (the 101st will be the true final episode).


So what comes next? Since Zee's departure announcement and cancellation of the RPG project come fairly close to the end of Cartoon and Conquer, it feels like the C&C spirit may finally be dying out (or maybe some of you still have faith for which you should be lauded).


So I will tell you all that while I am done with Cartoon and Conquer, I am not going anywhere. I have plans floating around of a new comic series, one with a more serious setting and strict story progression.


I started doodling C&C cartoons many years ago, and they were originally far more serious. While I do like writing comedy, I prefer writing somewhat darker stories (ok, realistically speaking, too dark for C&C, but I can hold back).


This is only an idea right now, so I can't promise anything or give any timeframe. However, as I said, I'm not going anywhere, so given enough time, I will start something new.


Until then, have patience, something anyone who is still a C&C fan must surely possess...

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If your next project falls under the Cartoon and Conquer name and is of course C&C related it has a home here :)

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I probably would not call it Cartoon and Conquer, as the new series would be so completely different from that one. I admit it would be less messy to combine them in the same forum though... Perhaps the forum could be renamed Command & Conquer Comics or something of the sort that encompasses all cartoons (perhaps even those not made by me). I suppose that type of decision can wait until its time comes though, nothing is certain yet.

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