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New C&C Themed Web Comic - Tiberian Daylight

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Here at CNCNZ.com we like the combination of Command & Conquer and Lego, plus we like comics as well. As you know, we have hosted lots of Command & Conquer Legos videos over the years and we've had 99 editions of our own Cartoon and Conquer as well. Taking those two projects as inspiration, our friend AZ-Stalker, has created his own Command & Conquer themed web comic called Tiberian Daylight. Rather than a hand drawn art style, Lego figurines are used in photos to assemble each edition.




You can check out the first four editions right here on this topic on our forums. Or you can visit the development team's Facebook page.

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Thanks to CNCNZ.com for promoting the project! As Sonic already pointed out, everyone can feel free to check out Tiberian Daylight and join in on sharing your thoughts about the series! Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Also, Episode #5 was recently released and it's definitely the most action-packed episode yet! The Nod repair mission story arc should be concluded in the next episode (coming soon), and after that it's on to GDI's point of view!

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