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Tiberium Alliances Classic Returns

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It would appear that Tiberium Alliances is going back to where it all began with the announcement of new classic worlds for Tiberium Alliances recently, this is the original game mode that the game launched with. Here's the full announcement explaining what's happening.







It seems that the Forgotten were not as merciful as some of you thought. So to oblige to some of the feedback and ideas that were expressed lately, we are happy to let you know that Classic Tiberium Alliances (non-Forgotten Attack Worlds) is coming back. Classic Tiberium Alliances is the original game mode of Tiberium Alliances, where the Forgotten are targets that do not instigate attacks against you the player. For all the veteran and new commanders who like to play a more relaxed and PVP oriented game, CCTA Classic will hit on those notes and provide a different experience.


Keep in mind that the Forgotten Attacks mode will still be the standard mode for CCTA. However, starting next week, we will begin to include Classic CCTA Worlds in the mix when launching new worlds. This will give you the option to decide on the type of world and play style that you prefer to play in.


To start things off, we decided to launch 2 new Classic Worlds. The new worlds will be available on the following dates:

  • Welt 38 (German) will house 30 000 players and launches on February 19th 09.00 UTC
  • World 107 (US East Coast) will house 30 000 players and launches on February 23rd 6AM PDT / 14.00 UTC


Any questions, feedback or comments can be posted in this topic on the Official Tiberium Alliances Forums.

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I am afraid going back to classic TA worlds will make the TA browser game more inactive than ever. Every time a new world is open without Forgotten attacks, over half of the users in that server who got onto that world no longer would be active there. I still want to see a new world with an old economy and Forgotten attacks.

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