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Public Developer Access
We decided to release a public version of our Editor and Script files.
You will now be able to set up maps and mods for our server yourself :)

Most assets were created by our UltraAOW Developers.

The code is not public, though, a cut-down version of our scripts are available for use in the Editor only.

You can set up your map with for example a Capturable Tiberium Silo or a Stealth Detection Unit in the Editor, after which it can be tested online on our testserver.
One of our primary UltraAOW Developers or an Administrator will have to install your map on the Test Server after which you can test it.
The channel for testing is on irc.cncirc.net #mpf-test

Permission Granted
You are allowed to use anything from our Public Developer SVN for use on maps or mods that will (potentially) run on our Renegade NewMaps or Snipers Server.

Developer Support Forum
Access the Developer Kit Support Forums.
We have a forum where the working and details for various scripts are discussed.
You can also request scripts for special functions if you need them.
Only the '+Renegade Mapper' group which you'll be placed in has access to this forum along with the UltraAOW Developers and Administrators & Donators.

Access Granted
We are running a Tortoise SVN repository for this specific purpose.
If you are a Mapper and would like to have access to our repository please drop me (zunnie) a message on the forum, or on IRC/TS3.
I will then set you up with access.



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