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Twisted Insurrection - Upcoming Patch, New Website & OST V4 Released

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We are very late in posting this, so it's time to catch up on the latest from the Twisted Insurrection for Tiberian Sun. A new patch is going to be available very soon that fixes some of the performance issues encountered in the latest version of the mod. There is no date for this patch but it's been confirmed that it solves all issues.


In other Twisted Insurrection news. The new official site has finally be launched with a great looking and eye catching design, plus a brand new address, http://www.twistedinsurrection.net. And while you're there checking out the new site, grab a copy of the the Twisted Insurrection Original Soundtrack Volume 4 that is available for download. This latest version includes all Twisted Insurrection music tracks created to date, including Contagion, Act on Insanity, Viperbeat and many more. Click here for the full update.

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