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Win the Serious Sam Collection on Steam!

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Renegade Imperial Age - 100% Free Game

Fight as the Global Defense Initiative or The Brotherhood of Nod in a fictionary C&C World.

Most maps are designed by ImperialKaskins & Others from the MPF Developers team and sport a wide range of variety to play.

Attack the enemy base buildings to win while protecting your own.

More Info: http://imperial.multiplayerforums.com

Downloads: 250Mbps Canada | 1Gbps United States


Imperial Age Prize April 2015

For the month April we got a special prize, not just some game, but a complete pack of games and most of its DLC's worth approx 100,00 Euro!

On or around the 1st of May 2015 we will announce who is the number one winner and this person will receive the copy of Serious Sam Complete Pack in their Steam account.



Where can i lookup my stats?

Here: http://imperial.multiplayerforums.com/stats.php


Rules of Engagement?

Most important rules:

  • You cannot ever cheat on any of our servers
  • You cannot use advantage skins or models
  • You must be registered on our forums over here
  • You must have a Steam Account to receive the Prize
  • Anything you *think* is inappropiate should not be done, if in doubt: Ask a moderator or admin
Other important rules you should know about to avoid being (q)kicked, banned or excluded from the contest:

Please click here to review all server rules


The Map Rotation

MtBog Fjords Pacific Dawn_Raid MtPass BlazingSands BunkersTS

Alpine_Night River_Canyon Cold_River Land_Day Cold_Valley

Creekdale_Fly Tib_Pit_3 Sand Industrial_Strength Bio River_RaidTS

GreatWall Deth_River Battleground [River_of_Hope] Detroit Quick_Draw

Orca_Heights Tiberium_Temple Canyon_Fortress Urban_Conflict Ocean_View

Forest_Falls Cold_Wall Snow Pacific Land_Night GreatUnder Airai

Terrace Hidden_Valley Country_Side SeasideSunset Tib_Waste

Lake_Garden Tobruk Area81 Esco_Island Wasteland Urban_Warfare

Dust_Training HillBilly_Valley Cold_Waters Backstab FalcWhore

Infinite_Isle Tomb Uphill BattleForMidway BasinTS MtPass

SeasideCanyon Winter_Field Vile_Facility Tib_Pit_3 River_RaidDB

MtBog Cliffs BlazingSands Tiberium_Temple Deth_River Dawn_Raid

GlacierTS Siege Winter_Assault Nova Cold_River Canyon_Fortress

Sleepy_Hollow RiverValley Orca_Heights Forgotten_Town

Industrial_Strength MetroTS GreatUnder Crevasse RiverValley

Hidden_Valley Tropics River_of_Hope Winterfell Detroit



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