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New Playtest Build of OpenRA Released

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A new playtest build of OpenRA has been made available. These playtest builds provide a snapshot of the current development for feedback by the testers. You can help shape the future of OpenRA by testing them and reporting bugs or simply letting the community know what you think. Below is a list of the highlights that are included in this release.

  • In sell mode, a structures tooltip will show the expected refund value.
  • Spy planes in Red Alert will no longer lure your anti-air capable units across the map.
  • Airplanes will now fly higher and not push helicopters out of their way any more.
  • Harvester logic has been improved to make use of all available refineries and to avoid blockages.
  • New missions: Allies03b and Allies05a for Red Alert, and GDI05a, Nod02a and Nod02b for Tiberian Dawn.
  • More memory usage and performance improvements.
  • On Linux, the .orarep file extension will be associated with OpenRA so that replays can be started from a file manager with a simple double-click.

Read the full changelog for more details on the playtest changes and bugfixes. Visit the OpenRA site for the download.

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Yay, harvest AI updates. They was a minor irritation...

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