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Pick the New Unique URL for Community Battlecast Primetime

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The Community BattleCast PrimeTime team have a quick question to ask the community. What do you think is the best unique URL for a potentially new Community Battlecast Primetime site? Some of the options are listed below, but we will assume they are open to other suggestions.

  1. www.cbcptofficial.com
  2. www.cbcpt-cnc.com
  3. www.cbcpt.org
  4. www.communitybattlecastprimetime.com
  5. www.officialcbcpt.com

So which one is the best? Share you thoughts on the Community Battlecast Primetime Facbook page.

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I'd always vote for shortest sensible one...

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I don't think the word "official" should be attached to something which is unofficial. I know how they are trying to use it, but that is saying the Official Unofficial Battlecast Primetime, which is just stupid.


The full name is way too long, and adding cnc on the end is superfluous.


So I'd go with #3.

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#3 makes sense. But for #2 it could also be named as www.cnc-cbcpt.com.


Why not just www.cbcpt.com?

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Because www.cbcpt.com is already taken. As I posted on the CNCNZ.com Facebook page, www.cbcpt.tv would be the most ideal.

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