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C&C Imperial Age based on Renegade - Released v1.12 D2

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Imperial Age v1.12 D2 Released

Our Team has finished the new client version 1.12 D2 just now.

All content is currently active on the server which include several code bugfixes and additions, texture glitch fixes and some object fixes.

The game is now running on the TT 4.2 RC1 code which opens options for mappers as well as fixes for several bugs.

New interiors for most buildings with Special Lightmapping applied by dblaney1.

Many balancing issues addressed by ImperialKaskins and dblaney1.








Download The Game

To download Imperial Age v1.12 D2 click one of the mirrors below:

- Mirror 1: multiplayerforums.com

- Mirror 2: indiedb.com



If you already had v.1.11 D2 installed, no need to worry, just install this on top of that installation.

However, in some cases it is recommended to do a clean install, in that case simply delete the old folder.

Default installation folder is C:\MPF Games\Renegade Imperial Age\


Help & Common Issues

For help with (common) errors please visit and maybe post in the Support Forums.


Thank you

Thank you for downloading Renegade Imperial Age v1.12 D2

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Streaming Tonight 7PM GMT+1 (Dutch Time)

I will be streaming MPF's Imperial Age tonight at around 7 o'clock GMT+1 Dutch Time.


Where to watch?

Watch on Twitch.TV/mpforums



Thank you for watching and enjoying C&C Imperial Age.



If you do not already have C&C Imperial Age you can download it off our official website.

You can also find very useful information there about the game.

Cya ingame!

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I'm streaming a bit alraedy, but will tongiht too :)

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Stream is over. Seeya next time :)

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