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Throwback Thursday for 23rd April

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Another week, means its time for another edition of Throwback Thursday. With the new

that was released to much praise last week, I thought we should go back at look actors from Star Wars movies that have appeared in Command & Conquer games. And from the looks of it there has been only two. First there is James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader, he appeared in Tiberian Sun. But the today's Throwback Thursday looks back at Billy Dee Williams, who was Lando Calrissian in Star Wars. In Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars from 2007 he portrayed GDI Director Redmond Boyle. A pivotal character in the Tiberium Wars storyline but I can't say it was memorable performance from Mr Williams. Although he always did seem
! Maybe it was because
or was it because he was


Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.

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