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GenTool 7.1 Released

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GenTool, the popular add-on for C&C Generals and Zero Hour which enhances the gameplay experience, especially in multiplayer, has once again been updated to version 7.1. GenTool is a recommended download for all C&C Generals and Zero Hour players. Here's what's new:


New Features 7.1

  • Added full GameRanger support for Upload Mode, Ticker and GenTool updater
  • Added Fault Tolerant Heap to help against C&C:Online match freeze
  • CNC Online: Added Point Reward Preview for Shatabrick Ladder
  • Anti Cheat: Added a Game File Validator that blocks cheat mods

Fixes/Improvements 7.1

  • Fixed critical crash and performance issue from 'Origin In Game'
  • Fixed GenTool crash on game shutdown (when run without compat mode)
  • Fixed GenTool crash in 'WorldBuilder'
  • Added a warning message in the event that 'Origin In Game' is used
  • Improved internal Anti Cheat mechanisms
  • Removed the game version mismatch message for 'WorldBuilder'
  • Removed obsolete terrain draw modes from Render Mode
  • Fixed a bug where the ticker would draw an empty message
  • CNC Online: Now disables stats if not all players are on proper GenTool version (6.6)
  • CNC Online: Fixed a bug where the ladder display could stall the lobby
  • Updater: Fixed a code bug in the registry lookup of the Maps Patcher
  • Updater: Fixed a bug where the updater would re-download GenTool every time
  • Changed 'upload.log' (Unicode) to 'gentool.log' (ANSI)
  • Fixed general flaws in code
  • Refactored major parts of code

We have a CNCNZ.com download mirror for GenTool available.


:gen:GenTool v7.1 (7.73 MB)


You can also download the latest version from the official GenTool site.

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Version 7.2 is out.


Fixes/Improvements 7.2

  • Fixes GenTool bug that would crash game on Windows XP
  • Fixes Game File Validation incompatibility with Zero Hour ME 2009
  • Adds 'GameRanger' match type to Upload Mode text information

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